Monday, July 7, 2008

What?! I'm bored. Don't you judge me.

So, I'm bored, and to help illustrate how retarded the whole door/Crazy Lady thing is, I've created a little visual aid.
So, my friend Char works in the pink office suite. There are two doors leading out. Door A, which is right next to my boss' office, and Door B, which leads to a back hallway. Again, these doors are pretty much the same distance to anything you'd want to get to, so it's dealer's choice which one you use.
Crazy lady sent my friend Char and email informing him she didn't want Char to use Door A, and that he should be using Door B. For no other reason than... well she's crazy.

And to further show how crazy, Notice how close she is to Door A? Well, she won't use it. For any purpose. Even if she's needing something from my office suite. She'll take Door B and go around the long way just so she doesn't have to walk past my boss' office. That's a whole lot of effort, if you ask me.

Anyhow, I hope that helps.
Ok, so, now that I've killed a bunch of time with that... I HEART 3 day weekends! Especially since this is probably the first time Xtian and I have ever had a 3 day holiday weekend off together in... well at least two years. Oh, the delight! The sheer and utter fabulousness that was three whole days of hanging out together. And even better, was trading off who got up with the kid so the other could sleep in. On Saturday, I slept until... 9 am! Seriously, I mean it. NINE in the MORNING! Haven't done that since... Warren. And then Sunday, I got my happy ass out of bed and let Xtian sleep until...almost eleven. Woo! Party people.

Oh god. We're totally lame, aren't we?

So, can someone explain to me how folks in my ghetto ass neighborhood got their hands on the same fireworks that were being set off by the city? I'm not joking, these fireworks, which were being set off in the middle of the street, all over my neighborhood, were shooting up over 100 feet in the air, and exploding louder than you can imagine. Until midnight when the police finally started cruising the neighborhood. I mean, I'm pretty used to hearing gunshots, but these fireworks sounded like we were being mortared. How does one think that setting these things off, DIRECTLY ABOVE people's homes, is going to be a good idea? Oh yeah, the same people who think slinging dope is a pretty fine way to supplement their income.

Man, I can't wait to get the hell out of there.

Yeah, that's all I've got for now. Huzzah, and happy Monday.


Thirstin' for Thurstons said...

i think that should be a staple in your posts...diagrams!

Faith said...

As you'll read over on mine, I've been at war for the past two days, and totally missed that you made me a diagram, as requested. You are AWESOME.

Now, please give me $1 million. You know, as long as you're doing what I ask you to! I might as well see if it works...