Thursday, July 3, 2008


Oh, it's so fun being at work the day before a holiday. Especially since very few others bothered to come in. But, just waiting for a more reasonable time to leave early. (Strangely taking off at 11 am just seems like a less than good idea). Luckily, the VP who's taken it upon himself to do a "roll call" walk through every day is on vacation. Yeah, this guy is clearly so busy and important, he takes the time to walk through every department to see who is at their desk, and who is not. Then he brings it up in leadership meetings. Just fantastic.

And there are further updates on the crazy coworker. Yes, the same one who complained about my boss "being in the building" with her. She's gotten herself a little hard on for another friend of mine, whom we'll call Char. Char is a male, who works in the same office section as crazy lady. There are two doors leading out from this section, one that leads a person past my boss' office, and one that leads out into a hallway. Both doors are about equidistant to anywhere you'd want to go (lunchroom, bathroom etc). My friend, Char, usually uses the one that passes by my boss' office. Crazy lady refuses to use that same door, even though her desk is right next to it. (See, she's going to show my boss!).
Yesterday Crazy Lady sent Char an email telling him he's not supposed to be using the door by her (the one that leads a person by my boss' office). When he replied asking her, uh, why not? She said that most people in his department use the other door, so he probably should too.
This is just weird. Is she now the gate keeper? I can't imagine how fucked up in the head she is that she actually sat down and formulated words, put them into an email and hit "send" about which door she thinks someone ought to be using. Dear god.
This is a few weeks following Crazy Lady complaining to Char's boss that Char "yawns too loudly," and once used the word "naked" in a conversation she was not part of. (And no, it was not in reference to anything explicit, more like mentioning the brand name juice).

Again, the really bizarre part is not that she makes these complaints, it's that when she does, no one from my company (like the managers or HR folks) ever question it. Instead they fully investigate the claim, and give those she's harassing warnings. Sometimes, the world doesn't make sense.

Ok, that's all I've got. New Warren videos up for your viewing...pleasure? Yeah, I know. No one besides me and Xtian actually care, but my parents need the Warren videos. So Warren videos they'll get. Huzzah!


Faith said...

Ok, I'm gonna need a diagram to help me with all that doo nonsense.

But the crazy lady that no one questions the sanity of other than the sane people that have to put up with her shitty weirdness getting them into "trouble"? How does she keep from being beat up in the bathroom? Seriously? I bet one smack is all it would take to get her to shut up, and possibly even quit.

Ok, maybe not. But it'd be fun to hear a story about her being smacked in the bathroom!

Faith said...

Fucking sticky keys!! DOOR nonsense! DOOR! GAH!

Coley said...

Yeah, perhaps a diagram would be helpful. But man, that sounds like a lot of effort.... we'll see how boring afternoon is.
And it took me 4 attempts to type this. Fucking sticky keys, indeed!