Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Update! Of Sorts.

Coley is completely boring these days. I get up, I get ready, I get the kid ready, we do the daycare drop, I go to work, I come back, pick up the kid, get home, feed kid, make dinner, get everything ready for the next day, and collapse into bed. The end.

For the first time in...forever, Xtian and I have a holiday off together! This is so exciting, I might just wet my pants. A little. Xtian has an unprecedented Friday-Monday weekend. I think to celebrate we'll do... nothing. July is set to be unbelievably busy. Last weekend my mom and sister were in town. I love having them at my house, but it gets busy. We also went to the Gay Pride Parade, which made me cry like always. (Can I tell you about all the beautiful newlyweds? And the fabulous children of the couples? Makes my little heart swell with happiness), so we were running all weekend. This coming weekend, my mom and sis will be leaving on Friday, so we're left to our own devices.

The weekend after that, my older sister and her girlfriend are coming in from Philadelphia to interview, househunt, and attend my brother's rehab graduation. Also that weekend, my dad and Xtian have a date for a baseball game, so I'm betting the whole family comes for that. Midweek we'll be up in Sacramento for said graduation, and the following weekend we'll play host to everyone, including my brother. My sister and her girlfriend fly back out a few days later. Then we're off on our very own Baby-Free-Weekend-of-Sex-and-Debauchery!

Yes, that's right folks, we'll be heading to the woods with Sarah and her friend to drink rum until I want to die, have sex without a 30-minute planning session (is the kid asleep? Is Cory going to need to walk through our bedroom anytime soon? Oh shit, is that the kid? Ok, we've got 8 minutes GO!) and just generally lounge about for 3 days without having to take care of a small human.

I'm so excited, I'm ready to burst. I'm so glad to be going, I may just do the unthinkable and...buy a swimsuit. I haven't owned a swimsuit in...7 years? I hate them. They never look good on me, I'd rather be naked in public than in a bathing suit in public. But, since this place has a hot tub, and we'll be in some less-than-naked-happy people, they might appreciate it. And I might not be so comfortable in my usual swimming attire: shorts and a T-shirt. I'm a classy dame.

At least this month, I can mostly ignore work since I'm barely going to be around. I love months like this. But I can tell you this: that first weekend of August, I may just be too tired to lift my head from the couch. Hope Warren doesn't mind a day of lying still in front of the tv.


jen said...

Don't forget our party on Aug 9th! haha. You might be too tired for it!

Coley said...

Oh yeah, I'd almost forgotten... MUwaahahahah. Never too tired for a party. Ever. :D