Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm Judging.

Holy hell do I love vacation. And contrary to what everyone would try to convince me, I didn't really miss my kid that much. Don't get all shitty with me here people, sure I love the kid, but three full nights of sleep without a single person shrieking to wake me up? Just awesome. By the last day, I was more than ready to snuggle the boy, but got to thinking...hmm. Can I hire some migrant workers to do the night shift with Warren? Because I could parent all day long if I had my nights to sleep. Sounds expensive though. Bummer.

His sleep has deteriorated into pure chaos. While he was at my parents' house, he pretty much slept all the time. And he slept through the night (with the occasional wake up, but he put himself back to sleep for those), and took huge glorious naps all day. Sure, partly defense mechanism since his mean old parents abandoned him for three days, but even so. Now, back at home, it took 4 tries to get him to sleep, and he still woke up 4 times during the night. Lucky for my happy ass, Xtian's off work today and so had the night shift. I'm thinking tonight is my turn and it's going to suck massive ass.

Once Xtian and I got back from the trip, Warren hasn't let us out of his sight. I asked my sister to hold him for a minute so I could eat, and Warren threw himself at me, like if he let go of my arm for a second I'd run off again. You could see the wheels turning, "No no no, I've seen this shit before, the moment I let her get away, she never comes back! Fuck that noise." But since he's shown such a deep preference for Xtian for so long, it really did feel good to have him want ME for once. And as to be expected, he's suddenly a nursing MACHINE. About every 10 minutes he's grabbing my shirt and pulling himself to my chest. Like father like son, eh?

Meanwhile vacation was awesome. I drank a ton (which was delightful, until combined with a rocking sunburn that led to me spending most of Sunday in bed), played a bunch of games, including Mountain Croquet, and slept. The house we were at was on a cliff overlooking the ocean. It was gorgeous. The house itself was eight different kinds of shitty, but with a location like that, it could have been two army cots in a refrigerator box and I wouldn't have cared. (But, for the record, when building a house, try to make sure the shower drain isn't the highest point by a solid inch. Per the house instructions, everyone spent about 20 minutes after showering chasing the water around the shower with a squeegee. Hilarious!) Also, since one of our vacation companions happens to be a 6 foot 6 inch professional basketball player (in Germany anyhow), he couldn't stand up in two of the rooms. It made for good times.

I'm fairly certain we've got pictures, but since I never held the camera I can't say for sure.

And now, I'm realizing that after 6 straight days of being with Xtian 24 hours a day, I miss his ass now that I'm back at work. *sigh* I'm totally jealous that he gets a snuggle day with the Biscuit. Also, I think Warren has learned how to sign "mama" but I think he's meaning Xtian when he does it. He's very advanced. *cough*

Yeah. That's all I've got. Mama needs a nap.


jen said...

Pictures! We want pictures of the drunken fun! Glad you enjoy your vaykay!

Thirstin' for Thurstons said...

im with you on the needing a vaca. I went to girls camop for the whole 5 days and starteed to miss them on my way home....i never even called...

Coley said...

Well done Nat! Did they have to make any new rules specifically for you?
Ah, good times.

Pictures shortly, I hope. Since my camera and computer have a blood-feud going it's a bit of a production to get pictures up. But, I'll get to it. Soon, I hope.

Faith said...

I feel the same way about vacation time from the puppies. While I miss them briefly as I settle into bed at night, which is when we snuggle together before going to sleep, the rest of the time, I'm fine with them being in a kennel, and me being in a hotel or at my sister's or whatever.

At least mine sleep through the night! So I feel for ya there for sure. Although, Jake still has a problem with shitting in the living room around twice a week. That's always a fun scent to wake up to...

Coley said...

Ooh, at least when Warren shits himself, it doesn't usually involve carpet cleaner. I've got some diapers that are about Jake's size, you want them? HA!

Nothing beats stepping in animal shit first thing in the morning.