Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So, it's a pattern is it?

Two Monday nights in a row, Warren has awoken before 2 am, and stayed awake until... well as far as I know, till now. Anyone else have an issue like this? He sleeps like a prince all week, but come Monday night, he goes down easily and sleeps well until 1:30 or 2:00. Then he's just awake. I'm kind of thinking it's a baby hangover from the weekend, when we aren't very good at sticking to schedules and the days are weird and we usually have a million people over. But, I could also just totally be making this up. I have no idea. Lack of sleep has left me headachy, cranky and less than rational. Should be fun times at my house.

So, all family has left my house and we've got a few days of relative normalcy before we ditch him at the grandparents' for a few days. Good lord I hope that goes ok. I'm really excited about this trip, and I'd hate to have him miserable throughout the whole thing. But also, I really really need three nights in a row of baby free sleep, and if we have to come back early, I'm going to be less than pleased.


Due to family and friend obligations, I attended church twice last week. I think that has me all god-ed out for the next...five years? Sheesh. Like I know 12-step programs are way in jebus and hey, if it works for you and helps keep you clean, right on. But damn, would I rather be pretty much anywhere than sitting through church services. Luckily, having a kid is the perfect way to get out of any situation. As soon as Warren starts making any noise at all (I can't wait for the fussing, as it usually doesn't happen, so I utilize the happy sounds too) I just scoop him up and exit the room. Works like a charm.

Unfortunately for my ass, at the Catholic baptism on Sunday ( my work husband's kid, he of the shitstorm of a girlfriend) Warren was the best behaved kid there. Leaving me stuck on old school wooden pews built with no back support. I'm fairly certain these are designed to cause maximum damage to fidgeting children, as I saw no fewer than five kids accidentally crack their noggins into the seat back. Looked ouchy. But Warren wasn't one of them. While every other baby there screamed and cried, Warren sat happily and quietly ripping apart their newsletter. Damn well-contented kid. (Just kidding! Please, Karma, don't let my kid start behaving badly in public!) Also, I do have to give Warren props for, so far, never responding the Baby Scream Chain. You know the one, one kid starts screaming and within a 38 seconds every kid is screaming in a show of unity? Yeah, apparently Warren isn't linked into the chain. Whew!

Yeah. My head hurts, and I'm out!


Faith said...

We have a puppy barking chain at our house. But fortunately, Jake's usual response to Izzy's FREAK OUTS is a small "oof!" a few times in a row. He'd MUCH rather save his barkin energy for the times when he and the new bichon frise (or however you fucking spell it) is out in the yard next door. His name is Gary. I suggested Steve, but it was too late. They'd already named him that morning. :D

Alas, Gary will be leaving after this week, and then will only be back to visit now and then. So hopefully, Jake will mellow the HELL OUT again soon.

I think you're onto something there with the baby schedule on weekends screwing up Mondays for Warren. Wish I had advice for you there, but hopefully this weekend helps!

Thirstin' for Thurstons said...

I love the screaming chain, especialy when my kid starts it....its fun to see the kids go from super happy to realy upset! Plus then i get to leave wherever i am :)