Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Blessed Sleep

After Warren's truncated night of sleep, I wasn't surprised to hear he'd taken a 5 hour nap at daycare. (Although, on days like that I have to wonder, "Is daycare even necessary? If he's going to sleep like that, shoot, he might as well be home alone." Not that I'd do that. Please don't call Child Protective Services on me.) Of course an epic nap like that can really fuck up the night time sleep routine.

But I'll be darned if we didn't get him fed, bathed and ready for bed before 6 pm, and he passed out cold at 6:15 pm, and sleep ALL THE WAY to 5 am. Which is when I usually get up to feed him before getting ready for work. Oh man, if this works most nights, I may just find myself in heaven.

Or course, now that I've talked about it, I've completely jinxed myself, don't you think? And tonight, we'll be driving to Sacramento and back, so we won't be home until probably 11 pm. That should throw a wrench in this whole "sleep" thing nicely. Two steps forward, one step back, eh?

And in the "good news" category, My sister and Kate found a place to live! They'll be living in Oakland in under 3 weeks!!!! I'm so unbelievably excited to have them so close by. I haven't lived in the same state as my sis in over 10 years! WOOOOOHOOOOO! No more 6-12 months between seeing eachother, then having an enormous week long super-intense visit where we get irritated and bitchy. I can actually drop by and see her for an hour without having to take time off work. Yippee.

I'm a little hyper today, can you tell? Also, leaving work soon, so very happy.

Friend Jen (as opposed to Sister Jenn) and I met up for drink last week, and were chatting about how blogs and blog reading have really changed the way we talk to and about people. This whole thing turns us all into voyeurs. I feel entitled to know pretty much everything about everyone, and also feel like I don't have anything I need to keep private. Is this true for everyone? On a daily basis I read about the most intimate details of the lives of total strangers. It's a bizarre phenomenon, and probably isn't helped by the reality TV and invasive journalism/papparazzi trends.

Do you remember in English class you read all kinds of things about writers like Jane Austen from their letters to friends and family? Jen and I were chatting about that and whether 200 years from now kids will be reading people's emails to gather more information about the life and times? Or since writing someone used to take so much work and expense (paper, ink, hand carrying letters etc), and now it costs pretty much nothing to type as much as we want to anyone, often several times a day, are all of our correspondence pretty much useless? Are Jane Austen's letters worth more than say, Isabel Allende's emails? Hmmm.

And that's my philosophical question of the day.

Off to Sacramento. Huzzah.

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Faith said...

I, for one, would love a peek into Isabel Allende's email. The good stuff...none of the boring crap between her and, like, her publisher, or something. :P

Hope you have a great weekend! I'm so glad Warren finally got a good night's sleep so you didn't get to the point where you put him outside to "hang out on his own" for a while, or anything!