Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I found a new dentist last week, which was delightful, but he asked me if I grind my teeth. I've never caught myself grinding, so I said I didn't think so.
Of course, now I can't stop grinding my teeth. Pleasant.

Warren decided that 2 am is precisely the time to wake up for the day. Xtian and I spent a couple of hours trying to get him back to sleep, without any luck. So, I gave up around 4:45 am and just called it "morning." So not thrilled right now. And I know, if I just feed him, he'll go right back to sleep, but if I JUST broke him off the habitual wake up for food he had going on. This is some bullshit and I'm not dealing with it well. I'm fairly certain I totally cussed him out at 3 am. Luckily, he doesn't know how to say "GO TO SLEEP, YOU LITTLE FUCKER!" yet. Oh lord, I have a lot of parent/teacher conferences in my future.

My sister and her girlfriend are in town this week getting everything set up for when they move here in three weeks. I'm so excited to have them close by, makes me want to never leave the bay.
But then I'll drive by a brand new Lincoln Navigator missing it's entire rear, wheels and accessories (clearly stolen then dumped in my neighborhood after being in an accident), I think, "What the hell are we doing here?"

My brother graduates from rehab tomorrow, so I'll be scarce around these parts for a bit. (Like you'd be able to tell, right? Man, I'm a shitty poster.)

Anyhow. Time to eat. Hurrah.

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