Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Nothing of interest going down. Warren's been on a sleep strike for the last few days and it's slowly destroying my will to parent. He's not teething, he's not even really cranky. He just refuses to sleep. He's shaved more than 4 hours off his normal night of sleep and it is not making mama happy. Is there anything more annoying than a cheerful baby at 5 am? I don't think there is.

But, last night went better, so hopefully we'll be back to a workable sleep schedule soon. Or not, since it's a MILLION FREAKIN' DEGREES OUTSIDE. It was 112 F when I left work yesterday. How is that even a temperature possible outside of a convection oven? But, today is supposed to be worse. And since even Oakland is supposed to be hitting triple digits (unlike yesterday, wherein I arrived home to a balmy 78 F). How is one supposed to DO anything in heat like that?

I'm pretty much ready to die. Except, you know how I'm planning a move to Sacramento? What am I thinking? Sacramento is even hotter...all the time! Triple digit heat isn't a "heat wave" up there. It's just "Summer." I'm clearly retarded.

Oh lord. Help us all.


jen said...

I'm glad you commented on Sacramento and the summer weather there. At least you know. :)

This kind of heat is just exhausting. And makes me glad for my cool basement. :)

jen said...

BTW, I talked to my sis today. She saw one of your Warren videos then had to watch everyone. She agrees he is the cutest thing evar! (Her fave is with Xtain holding him upside down and making him giggle)