Monday, October 20, 2008

Still Alive

Oh holy god. I'm so exhausted I could cry. We're here, all moved in and about 90% unpacked, if you can believe it.
I started work today and so far so good. But you never can tell on the first day. All you do is fill out forms and read a million things. Sounds like a good company and a great team of folks. I'm working mostly with men and I'm kind of relieved about it. I just do better working with male dominated groups, I don't know why. Or maybe it's just that the few female dominated work places I've had were completely toxic and horrible. Who's to say?

In the process of moving, we lost two cats, found one, lost another one and found the other. So, we're still one cat down, and Xtian has to drive back to Oakland to get Vickie, but Fiddy seems to be settling in. I have no idea if Maggie will ever come back, and the fact that I'm kind of relieved she's gone is really hard to handle. I love her, but she's been so miserable for so long, I was at a loss for how to deal with her.

The place is better than I was expecting and having our own room back is soooo delightful. I need about 8 more lamps to handle the darkness in this place, but I'm pleased overall. And when I left this morning at 10 minutes till my work start time, and STILL made it on time? Well, I just had to do a happy dance in the parking lot. Oh and in further good news, I talked to my old boss, and his daughter lives 5 miles away from me. So, we actually have opportunities to get together. I really miss him, we had such good times together.

Oh and just to put a capper on it, my old work called me asking me some bullshit inane questions about a box of golf balls that were shipped last week. As though I could be bothered to give a crap? Why are you calling me? I don't work there anymore! I think I'll be dodging the calls from now on. What a bunch of crack asses.

Internet at my house is still in the works (how they managed to let the outside phone lines get CHEWED ON? I just don't understand), and until I know the internet situation at work, I'll be a little light on posting and reading my folks. Hope everyone is doing well, I'm just fantastic.


jen breese said...

Wahohoooo. Good to hear from you girlie. I'm sorry about the cat situation. At least Vickie has been found and Fiddy is settling. So, when can I visit? :) I can't wait to see your new place. Oh, and you have some stuff to cross off your online to do list. :)

hugs, I'm so happy for you!

meghan...or is it? said...


k sime said...

so happy for you

Faith said...

Ok, why the hell did I not know that you are a multi-catted household? How did that fact escape me in all this time?

Glad you guys made the move successfully! Yay for your own bedroom, and being close to work, and lamps! Good gawd, I love lamps...