Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So far, so good.

Oh man, I barely have time to check my email these days. Turns out, if you don't have 8 hours of empty time to burn during the day (say, your job) there's not much time to read or write. But since I don't have to go to bed by 8 pm anymore, I have all this evening time to hang out, cook, tidy up, actually SPEAK with my husband... it's just bizzarre.

I heard something really heartening at work today. I spent all day shadowing people to get a better idea of how the different departments function in helping our clients, and when I asked one of the other folks how they liked it, they said, "It's great. Really good people. In fact, the only real way to get fired around here, is by talking shit about other employees." Wow. After my last job, full of people who can't wait to spread gossip and negativity, this is so refreshing. Of course, maybe it's just an indication of how far my standards have fallen.

Still no sign of stupid Maggie (the cat who escaped on our first night here). And I've got to be honest, the house is so much nicer without her. She's been such a problem for so long, I'd given up trying to make it better. Although, now Fiddy and Vickie are arguing over who's Alpha Kitty. And Fiddy took a swipe at Warren last night. Before I could intervene, Fiddy laid some pretty good scratches on my baby's FACE. So, I took several deep breaths, counted to 10, and kicked the shit out of that cat. And don't anybody lecture me on animal cruelty. He's fine, doesn't even remember it now.

And of course, Warren is spiking a fever tonight. I'm pretty sure it's just some molars coming in, but still it sucks. Poor guy.
That's it for me. Maybe I'll get a chance to catch up on my blog reading on the weekend? We'll see. Hope y'all are doing well, I need a nap.

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april said...

I would've kicked the shit out of the cat too, if it had scratched my baby's face. Only I wouldn't have counted to 10. You're a better woman than I.

Sounds like the new job is a good place to work. I really hope it is after the shit you dealt with at the last place. You don't deserve that. My last job was exactly like that and it made me miserable.

Hope all stays going in the right direction for you guys!!!!