Monday, August 31, 2009

Where the hell am I?

I am in Salt Lake City, Utah today. Work stuff, really early flight, really long day, but it was good and super productive. Work has been kicking my ass in a ton of different ways. All good, getting things done, but long hours, break-neck pace and all that makes for a kind of tired mama.

Warren is killing me with cute these days. He says things and chatters baby-gibberish at you all day long, telling you stories. I keep finding him parked on the couch, surrounding by all the couch cushions reading Mama Do You Love Me? to himself. Except the only part he knows is the word "mama" so he just mutters that to himself while turning pages and making animal sounds. And then I fall down and die from all the cuteness. Cory started school and seems to be enjoying it. He needs to pick up a couple more classes to be considered full-time and keep up the medical insurance through my work, but all the classes have waiting lists. Ridiculous. Hopefully the classes will thin out a bit this week.

Xtian is doing well, likes his job, is having fun with Warren. He has a few friends here in town so he gets to hang out with some dudes fairly often. And slowly but surely the whole "we are having another kid" thing is becoming a reality for him. It took him a while with Warren too. It's just not very real to him until the thing starts moving around enough for him to see and feel. Well, last night this little alien was doing flips so vigorous I kept getting the wind knocked out of me. I think we've got another dancer on our hands here.

All bets are off whether it's a girl or boy. I feel exactly the same as I did with Warren, the thing is super active, but I keep thinking girl. Of course I thought Wu was a girl too. So clearly, I have no idea. Mostly, I'm just looking forward to another tiny squishy baby who will cuddle with me for more than 8 seconds. Warren's very lovey, but he's ready to RUN after a quick hug and kiss.

You know, I honestly didn't bond with Warren right away. Sure, he was cute, and I loved him, but as he gets older and becomes more like a person, I find myself just absolutely smitten with the kid. I miss him when he's been napping for more than an hour. It feels slightly ridiculous, but it's true. I just can't wait to see him as a big brother and how neat that will be to watch him with a new biscuit.


Faith said...

I found that I bonded best with my parents and siblings once I could sit down and share a bottle of wine with them. So it's good that you hit that with Warren so early, I think.

jen breese said...

Not that it matters or is prophetic or anything but my little sis thinks you are having a super girlie girl. I think it just amuses her to think so. ;)

Did you see the pictures of Warren with the underwater camera from a couple weekends ago? Hilarious.

Hugs! Enjoy the heat. It was 90 in SF today! Gross. :)