Monday, October 5, 2009

If only I could sleep in an upright position.

I have heartburn. what did I eat today to cause this raging heartburn? Oatmeal. Chicken soup. Baked potato. Sheesh, I'm really asking for it, aren't I?

Work has been working me over these days. Lots of hours, lots of projects. So far I think It's all holding pretty well. I've let go of a lot of the cleaning stuff, and so long as I can still put Warren to bed every night and can make dinner at least 5 nights a week, I feel like I'm still fulfilling the needs of my family. Anything above and beyond that is just gravy.

We'll be moving to a new place soon. Our lease is up and I'm so tired of this horrible area. Just so removed from everything, and impossible to get anywhere from here. Of course our current property managers are officially assholes. They refuse to speak with any other property managers until we turned in our notice. And even then, they still won't call back the people we would like to rent from. Seriously annoying. Also they are assholes and rude about the whole thing.

When I called to ask what the deal was, they explained that we have to give notice before we know where we are living. But not to worry, since current tenants get first dibs if they have to rescind their notice. Because, strangely enough, you'd be surprised how often "things fall through." I imagine they are referring to their inability to return a phone call, causing all kinds of tenants to lose out on the homes they actually want to live in.

But, that's neither here nor there.


Jenn said...

Heartburn...I hear you! Does it help to know that you're not alone? (Probably not...)

Faith said...

Sounds like it might be time to give prospective landlords a fake phone number for your previous landlord. Maybe you have a local friend that might be willing to help you out on that front, eh? Because that is straight up BULLSHIT. I would totally be your fake landlord if I didn't have a Kansas phone number!!!