Monday, October 19, 2009

Moving. My favorite thing.

We're moving on Saturday. Hurray. We were lucky in that the property manager we were applying with, had once lived in our complex. Thus, she knew firsthand how awful our current company really is. So, we got the place in spite of the asshats running the show over here.
The good news is that the place we're moving to is much bigger than our current place, and way more accessible. The bad news is that our new neighborhood is definitely on the "chain link fence" side of things. Certainly, this isn't West Oakland bad, but not the best neighborhood I've ever lived in. But the plan is, live in this place for a year, then buy something next year. I am really tired of moving and living amongst fuck-it-all-off-white walls.

My mom came down on Saturday to help us pack up some more. I think we're as there as we can be and continue to live for the next few days. I'm glad we're mostly there, but I find it really stressful to be surrounded by boxes. I really want to just get this over with and pack up everything. soon.

The best thing about today: the Halloween Reese's combo pack. Oh yes, cups, wafers, pieces, etc. Just fabulous.


Faith said...

Yay for a new place! Can you paint the walls if you promise to keep it neutral/paint them back to white when you move again? Or is it totally not even worth it? (I never painted an apartment's walls, except when I lived in Boston. I painted EVERYTHING in that place, because I was hoping it would seal out the skank leftover from the previous tenants that lived there. It was gross.)

Coley said...

Yeah, I don't know. Every lease I've had has specifically forbidden painting. I'll have to check this one.
Though, honestly, if I can actually buy something next year, I may as well save myself the hassle.