Saturday, November 7, 2009

Who needs clean clothes anyway?

So, we moved. I hate moving, but am really enjoying the new neighborhood and the new house. This morning Xtian and I got up early, and rode our bikes to explore a little bit. Only 30 restaurants within two miles of our new house, so hurray! I was lamenting the lack of a grocery store nearby all last week. I had thought that I'd just hit the store closer to my work, even though it's a pain in the ass, but at least it's a decent store. Then I took a wrong turn driving home this evening to find a huge store not 3 blocks from my house. Just never had turned that way yet. So, total score. Now let's hope they have a bulk foods section (since that is my saving grace these days).

A quick story about moving in: my mom tried to run a load of laundry when we moved in and instead of washing clothes, the washing machine flooded the entire downstairs hallway. Awesome. We called it in to the property managers who said they'd ask the owner how he'd like to handle it, and is it ok if he contacts me directly. I'm the new tenant, so I say of course, these things happen, thanks for the speedy reply. (Seriously, I got a call-back at 8:01 am Monday morning! These folks, they take care of business). The property owner calls me a few hours later to make sure the washer is actually broken (Because, clearly a flooding machine usually means I don't know how to use a washer, right?) and to tell me that his handyman will be there Wednesday or Thursday. I'm irritated, because, I'm pregnant and thus only have 4 pairs of pants anyway, two of which were filthy from moving and cleaning. But, whatever, we'll live for a few days without clean clothes.
Wednesday the handyman comes to fix the washer. Except, it's not fixed. He did something to it, ran a rinse and spin cycle for 5 minutes and left saying: It's all good.
I came home on Wednesday to find Cory using all the remaining towels in the house to mop up more water from the washing machine. Because it clearly doesn't work. Fine. Call the property managers, who call the landlord who calls me. I'm now pissed off so I ask Xtian to deal with the landlord (who does not have any front teeth. I'm just saying, he has no teeth. Classy guy). Xtian, for those who have never met him in person, is the calmest, kindest most patient man in all creation. The asshole landlord argued with Xtian for 20 minutes saying "But the guy said it's fixed! Why are we making such a big deal out of a minor issue?"
Yes, because it's totally fixed. We're just screwing with you. We want to have as many conversations with a toothless old bastard as possible. And we're horrible people who lie and break washing machines for fun!
So, Thursday passes and the landlord finally calls to say both he and the handyman will be there on Saturday to fix the machine. Fine, a full week of no clean clothes following a move, and oh, did we mention that Warren wears cloth diapers? But manageable.
Saturday arrives, and Xtian shows excellent judgment by kicking me out of the house while the landlord and handyman are there. Because I can no longer be nice. After 4 hours, still no washing machine. They have to buy a new one. Here's the deal: the landlord wanted to save a few bucks, so he bought a used washer and dryer from "some guy." He spent $500 on a 10 year old washer/dryer and never tested it. Just installed it (poorly, the first day we had to shut off the gas because the dryer was leaking GAS!) and moved on. I've got no problem with secondhand goods. But, you know what? I check them first, and I buy from someone I can take it back to when it doesn't work. So, to save a few bucks, landlord ended up spending $500 for the original broken ass washer, $500 in labor for the handyman to come out and try to fix it...twice. And then he still had to spend $800 on a new washer and dryer. That's what I call "cost effective".

Clearly, not the sharpest tool I've ever met. But, in the end, only 10 days after we signed the lease, we finally got to do laundry. Hurray.


jen breese said...

Whew! At least it finally got fixed. Life w/o a washing machine is a total drag. I hope the landlord ends being ok in the long run and not a total doofus. :) I can't wait to see your new place!

Faith said...

I'm so glad you guys had enough diapers to make it through a mess like that!

And seriously, did he think you were making it up? Just throwing water on the floor from the sink, so you could call him and chat, because you missed him? WTF?