Friday, November 13, 2009

The slow march of death.

One of the kid's at daycare has developed a biting habit. I know, it's pretty common among toddlers, blah blah blah. Meanwhile, it's my kid he's biting with a striking regularity. Warren's not one to make a fuss, so rather than yelling, he just kind of grunts and walks away. Hence, he now has a number of bite-shaped scars on his back and shoulders. The daycare folks are dealing with it pretty well, and doing everything they are legally and ethically required to. But, it still sucks to have to strip my kid down every day and check for bite marks.
Also sucking? It's making Warren more aggressive. When he starts getting angry or frustrated, he goes straight to hitting now. Fun for me and everyone within his arm's reach. It's hard when his vocabulary can't keep up with his feelings. Poor bug. Also, I'm really tired of being slapped in the face.

In developing fetus news, I am officially at 28 weeks, just entering the third trimester. Those who have had a baby will remember this as the "slow march of death." Every day it gets a little harder to do your normal activities. And you can not move in any direction without planning your attack. "Hm, I need to stand up out of this chair. Ok, scootch to the front of the chair, plant your arms, hurl your body mass forward and hope to catch the edge of the desk before momentum carries you back toward the floor. And....go!"

I had my 28 week check up yesterday. I don't have a regular doctor, it's Kaiser and I just don't care anyway. I've met about 5 different doctors and so far, I've liked them all. But for the second check up in a row, the doctor has made a comment about the fetus (I just can't find a fitting nickname for this one. Probably because I'm a horrible person/mother) being a bit on the large size. In fact this one had to keep checking my dates to make sure it was right. "Just how big are we talking here?" I finally asked. "Well, you're one day shy of 28 weeks, and the baby is measuring at 31 weeks." Yes, three weeks ahead. In pregnancy, that's a lot. So, yes, this will likely be another monster sized baby. Yay.

It's sounding all too familiar....Makes me wish I could just get the labor over with already.

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jen breese said...

Wow. Another big one? :( Exciting to be in the "slow march of death." I so can't wait for him/her to arrive so I can snuggle 'em. :)