Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend goodness

I just had a delightful weekend. Friday we found a daycare provider who is not trying to rob us blind (The only other person who returned my calls wanted $130 a week, when Warren will be there for 6-8 hours a week. Uh-huh.). Good folks with a a handful of kids, one who is Warren's age. I feel good about the people, and frankly that's all I can really hope for.

Saturday we ran a few errands, and went to a kiddo's birthday party. I wasn't sure how Warren was going to do, with all those big kids (the party was for an 8-year old), and the party took place at one of those inflatable bounce-castle places. An entire compound full of those things. At first Warren would not leave the Little Tykes Cozy coupe (you know, the red and yellow little kid cars everyone either had or coveted as a three year old). He sat in that thing and scooted along backward for an hour. When we tried to get him to play with something else, he screamed. But once we finally coaxed him out with promises of bouncy balls, and hid the damn cozy coupe, he could not get enough of the entire thing. So, that was a total blast to watch him play with all the big kids.

Once we left the party we got home just in time to meet Jen and her new man-friend. They were kind enough to bring a bunch of different beers we'd never even seen before. So, we made burritos and guacamole and spend the evening doing our own beer tasting. (Only tiny sips to taste for the pregnant lady). Just an utter delight.

Then Sunday, we had a leisurely breakfast and went for a walk and watched Warren play with a scuba-diving proof camera. And since it was scuba-proof it is also toddler proof. So, for once he got to play with the grown up toys without anyone stopping him. And that's just fun. So much of childhood and toddlerhood is being told you aren't allowed to play with stuff, or touch anything. So, it was a blast to give him free-reign to touch and play with something without being told to stop.


Faith said...

Yay for burritos and beer! That sounds delicious. :)

Did Cory move out? Why are you guys getting back into the day care thing?

Coley said...

Cory's still here, he just started school, so for the few hours of overlap, where we're all gone, we had to enlist a little daycare. Probably about time to let the kid play with other humans his size anyway.

Faith said...

Ah, that makes sense. And so true, too.

I'm glad things are going so well for you guys Coley! ::hugs::