Monday, August 17, 2009

Freakin' really?

So, this weekend I was in Chicago, doing some research. Part of this research involved attending a two day "change your life" seminar. Not so much for the content as the format.
But seriously, after spending 20 hours over two days in a complete shuddering rage, I'm pretty exhausted. Look, I'm not a fan of motivational speakers, especially those with a hugely judgmental religious slant. But some of this shit was just beyond. The only way to get through it was to write bitchy notes to myself so I wouldn't scream out loud.
A few nuggets for your enjoyment. This woman says she wishes she had been born a black woman, because life would have been easier (you know, "black don't crack", and how all black people are good at sports and singing, and black people never need braces), and because black women will have long black hair one day, short blond hair the next, red shoulder length hair the following day. Apparently, only black people are allowed to wear wigs.
Also, she can personally disprove evolution. Would you like to know how? This right here: eagles are "destined" to soar, so they don't have chicken wings. See? Convinced? Yeah, me too.
The racial shit went on all weekend complete with the statement, "Politics are so immoral these days, I mean, just look at how low Clinton brought us. And who's in office right now? I mean, it's like ANYONE can be president." Yeah. And I almost had a heart attack when she stated as gospel truth, that "women's liberation" and the whole "women fighting to be able to work and choose whether to have babies or not" was a government conspiracy to stimulate the economy.
Yeah, I pretty much hope she gets herpes. On her face.

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jen breese said...

wow. sounds like it got worse after i talked to you! Hugs. Sorry for the jerk...