Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Warren still refuses to call me Mama. In fact, he has no name for me at all. Uncle Cory is "uncle", Xtian is "Dada" and he makes no reference to me at all. He loves me and comes running whenever he sees me, and all that. I just wonder when he'll figure out that I have a title or a name. Weird little munchkin that he is.

Parenting makes you a dork. It's just true. This is now even more apparent since Warren is having a language explosion. He's learning a few new words a day, which means I have to stop cussing around him. Makes me feel like Ned Flanders when I try to replace "bad words" with nonsense. But, it's either that or I'm that awful parent whose baby is walking around saying "eat my ass, you shithead." And really? I have enough bad parenting points, I don't need to add more.

So, since I really can't write about work anymore (not that there's much to write about, lots of work, some frustration, but mostly good) I'm kind of at a loss for what to write. I desperately don't want to be a "My kid did the cutest thing!" person, but it's just the natural progression of having a small human tethered to you. They absorb every thought and action. It's all about them. Even when you don't want it to be.

But frankly, I'm so madly in love with the little thing, I just can't help myself.

Oh, the bizarre "gated" community I live in (aka, 60 year old duplex that origianally served Military Officer's housing in the middle of f'ing nowhere, but like, an entrance has a gate, so it's a fascist regime)is officially sucking my will to live. Why in the name of jebus would you bother guarding this dump?
But, we're locked into a lease until October. At which time we will (hopefully!) move downtown where there is ANYTHING within walking distance. Seriously, it's over a mile to anything. Need a convenience store? 1.6 miles, on the side of a busy road with no sidewalks. Awesome.

On the plus side, I had a big ass deadline that I never thought I'd make. A few extra hours on the weekend, and I completed 9,000 words two days early. That's right, sometimes I kick ass. Other times I completely suck, so I guess it all evens out.

And that's it for my psychotic, go nowhere update. Happy Wednesday folks!


Faith said...

Wait, so even when you aren't around, he doesn't ask Cory for "Mama" or anything? Are you sure Cory isn't just pulling your leg? Because that seems odd to me. Warren obviously loves you like mad...why wouldn't he ask about you when you aren't there? Or does he refer to you as Dada, too, perhaps?

I miss you. ::sigh!:: I'm glad things are going ok!

jen breese said...

It is a bit odd that he has no name for you. Clearly you are loved so no worries on that front. :)

Hey, I got another novel by that book we liked. I picked up "Timeskipper" at the library at lunch today. And a couple Calvino books. Figured I should start a new hobby besides drinking after work.

I'm excited that you will move to the downtown area. Then we can drink ourselves into a lower IQ then stumble back to your place! :D

jen breese said...

How about writing about food for your blog? :) Hey, I made brioche last night. I haven't baked it yet. I'll do that tomorrow. I'm bringing it to a pagan event. The recipe is insane: 3 sticks of butter, 8 eggs, honey, etc.