Thursday, June 11, 2009

what the hell do you do with beets?

If you haven't already, do not rest until you have watched the pilot episode of Glee. It won't be on until the Fall, but seriously just beautiful. Since Scrubs has completely jumped the shark (and they are threatening to come back for another season. They will ruin this show come hell or high water), this will completely take it's place. 90% hilarious, and 10% poignant. And the pilot ends with them singing Journey, so you know this bitch is loving it.

Warren gives kisses these days, which is pretty much the sweetest thing ever. And then he says "thank you." It makes me giggle every time. Also, he's still obsessed with shoes. Mostly high heels, but in a pinch flip flops will do. He carries them all over the house trying to put every shoe on everyone who'll sit still. Creepy? A little. But what little kid isn't a little creepy?

Cory has himself a girlfriend. We've met her a couple of times. She's cute, seems nice, but she's a... vegetarian. She's not even militant, but whenever I spend time with a veg. I'm just certain I'm being judged. Also, I hate having to limit what I cook for dinner. I have a hard enough time making food that we all enjoy, now I have that limitation too? Well, maybe we just won't invite her for dinner. It's kind of funny watching Cory be a total teenager for once. Yesterday, he was on the phone with her from 3:00 pm until after 8. He's so adult and poised all the time, I forget he's still a teenager. And so I get to play big sister and torture him constantly, making awkward condom remarks whenever he's on the phone. I didn't get to do that with my own little brother (bugger never let on when he was dating anyone), so now I'm visiting this on Cory. I'm a horrible person.

Oh, and I have a question for you? How do you like to prepare fresh beets? I've never cooked with them at all, and my CSA box was full of beets last week. So, any suggestions? Please? I'm at a loss.

Right, I swear I'll get back into a regular posting schedule. I've got a million things to say, I just never find the time and motivation concurrently.


meghan said...

Wow! You have beets already? Crazy California growing season! My CSA last year sent along recipes. One was for a beet chocolate cake -- delish the first time I tried it, but I failed on time two -- I think you really have to be careful in following the recipe, but you will be greatly rewarded.

You can also make beet salad if you haven't tried that already. I think you just eat 'em raw with a little vinegar and oil and salt/pepper.

Good luck! Yay CSAs!

jen breese said...

When you cook the beets, steam them with their skin on then when they are cooked, the skin rubs right off. Much easier than peeling before cooking.

Frankly, I love them in salads with a soft cheese like blue or feta. Also good with salt. Borscht soup?

Cool for Corey. He's such an awesome human.

Warren is the best, creepy little kid and all. hehe

hugs! TGIF.

Faith said...

Yes...borscht. Leo made some at work last week, which I found interesting since he hates beets in such a huge way. :D

I would also attempt to pickle my own if I had an abundance of them, since I love pickled beets. But yeah, cook them, then peel them, and chop them up and put em in salads. GOD I love beets!

Jenn said...

We cut them into pieces, toss them with some balsamic and some olive oil, and roast 'em. SO GOOD!