Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Writing for the sake of writing.

Mama is tired. I was really looking forward to visiting my lovey Sarah last weekend. I packed my bags, loaded up my truck, kissed my boys and was on the road. I got about 30 miles (which took over 45 minutes) away, when my cell phone rang. It was Xtian. Asking if I happened to have the only set of car keys in my purse. Fuck. I couldn't leave them without wheels for the entire weekend, I know they had stuff to do, and we live in the middle of nowhere. They would be totally stranded.

So, I turned around and another 50 minutes later I was back at home. And the thought of having to start the trip over made me cry. So, I made my apologies to Sarah, and settled in for a very chill weekend with the kiddo.

My mom came for a little visit this week. So Uncle Cory had a couple days off from Wu duty while my mom spoiled the kid rotten. But he's so darn cute, it's hard not too. The little dude is just charming. And I'm not being biased, he charms the pants off of everyone. Makes me worry for the horror that will be his teenage years. But we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

Meanwhile, work is ramping up big time. Some potentially exciting if frightening things coming up. But this is where I thrive, under pressure.

But, nothing is certain yet, so I'll keep my big mouth shut.

Foodwise, I have been one boring broad. Nothing exciting or even particularly delicious. It's officially too warm to enjoy cooking. But I'm thinking this weekend I'll cook up some rich, fabulous bread for Xtian. It is father's day afterall. I guess I should give him a gift, eh? Isn't that how this whole thing works? Crap. I suck at gifts.

Time to eat a dinner of Chicken McNuggets. Don't you judge me.

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jen breese said...

Not judging for chicken McNuggets but might for KFC. heh.

I'm sorry you missed that weekend with Sarah. What a bummer.