Monday, June 29, 2009

Clothes are painful

I am sunburned. It is ugly. It is the perfect outline of the distinctive tank top I was wearing yesterday. Just awful.

But, we went down for the Pride Parade in San Francisco, it was 95 degrees. While that is not hot other places, the bay area is not made for heat. So, nothing has air conditioning, and everything is reflective glass.

The parade was not the jubilant affair it was last year. Fucking Prop 8 bullshit ruined that. (Yes, I'm still angry, as should everyone be). But we were there, we donated, we supported the cause. And we got to play with Sister Jenn.

Now, I am still totally wrecked from a jampacked, but fun, weekend. I totally need a long weekend. We'll see what we can cook up...



Faith said...

95 degrees is so hot! But that's just the opinion of a chick who had a lovely dream about wearing tights to work today...basically wishing it was 65 degrees out again. ::sigh::

One of my coworkers got a doozy of a sunburn recently, and swears by a nice dousing in vinegar as a reliever of the heat/pain. She took a shower, and then afterwards she dumped a bottle of vinegar on herself and then just sat in there for like 5 minutes to let it do it's thing, and then she washed it off with cool water. She smelled funny, but she felt gooood. (Or so she said.) I told her it might work better to take a luke warm bath that has vinegar in the water, maybe? I hope you feel better soon!

jen breese said...

I'm so sorry you are burnt. I hate the pain of sunburns. :(

The vinegar idea sounds good. I have heard it working too. So might be more too it beyond smelling like a salad. :D

Sorry I missed you when you were here...