Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dragging Ass

Oh ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I am officially dragging ass. Lots of work projects (including writing 15 video scripts by June 1, Hurray!) which are great, but there's only one of me. And therein lies the problem.

But, the anniversary date was just lovely. Xtian took me to a restaurant called Johnny Garlic, owned by Guy Fieri. A great joint, the man has fabulous restaurants. Then Xtian blindfolded me (here's where the horribleness in me comes out. He puts a blindfold on me, and I say "you know everyone will think you're just kidnapping a white lady, right?" See? Terrible.) And we ended up going to see Wolverine (who cares if it wasn't exactly great film, Wolverine... so hot right now.) at one of the few remaining drive-in movie theaters. And he even packed a flask of rum to pour into my coke, so Mama was happy as can be.

This coming weekend will be jam packed and delightful. Saturday I get my tattoo finished, followed immediately by "confidential" plans. I wish I knew what was going on, but Xtian's decided to surprise me two weeks in a row.

Sunday I'm taking the kid and the husband to the City, where we will explore the Science Museum with my darling friend Nathaniel. I've been completely enamored of Nathaniel since the day we met, and now Xtian finally gets to meet him too. Super looking forward to it.

Once the kid inevitably runs out of patience at the museum, we'll be crossing the Bay Bridge to help Sister Jen and Kate demo their new house. As it turns out, 100 year old homes are not always "move-in ready." So, that will be fun and exhausting. I've tried to reserve our Monday for some actual relaxation, but we'll see how that goes once all is said and done.

And then it's back to work for 4 doubly packed days of working it. I think I need a nap.

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