Friday, May 15, 2009

Surprises and how I ruin them.

Because I can never do anything unless I do 8 things at once, not only was Sunday Mother's Day, but Xtian and my wedding anniversary was this Wednesday. I'm not much for sentimental displays and demanding to be made a big deal of, so we kept it mellow. Spent some time together, and commemorated the day with cupcakes. Frankly, it was awesome.

And tomorrow I'm being taken on a date. I don't know what, when, where or anything else. I have been asked to wear a dress. That is all I know. What in the world could it be? I have no idea, and I'm trying not to guess. I take after my mother in her Nancy Drew qualities, so I try not to ruin Xtian's surprises. This has been a hard won lesson, as I spent the first few years of our relationship ruining everything. (Still officially the meanest thing you can say to someone "why do you always ruin everything." Just let it ruminate for a moment.)

Sister Jenn and Kate will be coming up to babysit for the evening, so as an added bonus, I get another day with my sis. And Kate finally gets to see exactly how much fun Warren can be in the morning. It really is hard staying angry at the kid who woke you up at 6 am on a Saturday when they spend the morning singing gibberish at you and kissing your forehead.

I think it's time for another glass of rum. Good night.


meghan said...

Congrats on three years! I can't believe it's been that long since I've seen you. That should change.

Faith said...

Happy anniversary! Where'd he take ya?