Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Awesomeness

So this weekend I volunteered at a "housing first" homeless project, followed immediately by spending 3 hours being riddled with needles (pictures forthcoming....). I arrived home at the same time my parents showed up for our Mother's Day Dinner. So, we cooked up a crapload of pasta, and ate cupcakes that were delicious the night before, but were placed back in the oven for storage, horrifically drying them out. Sad. But the ganache and buttercream frostings were delicious.

Sister Jenn spent the night, and we stayed up playing cards and drinking rum. Perfection. In bed at 2 am, awoken at 8 am by a singing toddler. And my mother's day spoiling began.
Xtian makes the best breakfasts in the world. That is not an exaggeration. For this fine day, it was toasted bagels with cream cheese, lox, cucumber and a dash of kosher salt. Just glorious.

Friend Jen came up to play in the afternoon. We took Warren to the park and about melted in the heat. In a mostly good way.

At one point, he was climbing all over the jungle gym, and looked really unsteady on some steps. Jen reached out to help him. Warren stopped cold, put his hands on his hips, eyes wide with attitude, and yelled some gibberish at Jen that could only mean "I can do it myself!" Pretty much the greatest thing ever.

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April said...

Wow, he's so damn adorable!