Monday, May 4, 2009

Good stuff.

Just finished the most delightful weekend. I only had a couple of things I needed to get done, so most of the weekend was spent hunkered down, relaxing. I never did get out of pajamas on Sunday. I sent Xtian and Cory to a movie on Sunday (they've had a long stretch of extra mile child care lately, and totally deserved a treat), and Warren and I got to spend some unstructured time playing. It was so fun to actually enjoy his company, rather than being frustrated that he isn't doing what I need him to be doing. Such a neat little human.

The entire weekend was really all about just being together as a family and having a good time. We did a little housework, did some baking together, but mostly just chatted and played games. I'm feeling pretty domestically satisfied lately.

Mrs. Sparkles is doing well after her surgery. She was so lonely being locked up alone all weekend. We finally let her out for a few hours of play on Sunday evening. I'm so pleased that even when she is hurting and tired, she still indulges Warren's cuddling.

It was a good few days and it was about time I expressed a little gratitude for my sweet little family.

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Faith said...

I just love it when you refer to Warren as the "little human". :) It's