Friday, May 1, 2009

Well, here I am.

So, Bristol Palin (aka Mrs. Sparkles) had her kitty abortion today. Whew, she's still eating kitten food, so I daresay she's too young to procreate. Of course, we've now removed that option for her.

Meanwhile Warren is being a decidedly whiny little cuss lately. He's still cute and doing neat things, he just whines a lot more. I think we're having a language frustration stage. He whines because he can't tell us what he wants. Whenever he wants something he has words for (like milk, or banana, or daddy etc) he calms right down and when he verbalizes his needs. If he wants something he doesn't have a word for, hold on to your frickin' hat. He will whine your will to live away.

I have a consultation with a tattoo artist tomorrow. I'm finally going to get the ink I've wanted for years now. I'm super excited. I'll be sure to share pictures whenever I have something to share.

And now I'm going to drink some rum and go to bed.

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April said...

I just saw a thing about this on t.v. yesterday. A lot of babies have the same issue that Warren has. And what these 2 ladies created was signing for babies. They have flash cards that you show the baby and then you show them the sign for it. The babies pick up the sign quicker than they'll learn the word. It was REALLY neat!

That's the one that was on tv, but when I googled signing for babies there was a shit ton of different links. You might want to check a book store if you're interested in doing something like that. Who knows, it might help him to not whine when he can't tell you what he wants?

Where are you getting your ink?