Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Grand Hyatt? Your hotel rooms cost over $200 per night. And now I have to pay $9.95 to use your shitty internet connection? That's just rude, and unnecessary.
And lugging around my15 pound, non-WIFI capable, geriatric laptop all day yesterday has really hammered home the point that I really do need to get a new computer. This girl has served me well, but she's tired, and can no longer do...anything.

My room is on the 26th floor, and for some reason it reeks of cigarette smoke today. Apparently some new guests can't go down the elevator to smoke outside, so they are smoking in the emergency stairwell next to my room. Le Awesome.

But really, is there anything better than sitting naked in a hotel room overlooking the entire SF Bay, dicking around on the computer? (Well, is there anything better when your man or lady companion isn't available. )

Going home tomorrow. So looking forward to some snuggles.

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