Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Weekend Sighs.

After an iffy start to the weekend, today has been just glorious. Did a little housework, ran a couple of errands, lots of time to bake and hang out with friends and family. Just really good. We've had a lot of hectic weekends around here for a while, so having a day to just lazily get a few things done has been exactly what I needed.

Warren is being particularly charming these days. He's starting to understand what you are saying to him, which is so strange. He can even act out his favorite part of his favorite book on cue. It's pretty awesome. This is when I start thinking, damn, I have GOT to have a dozen of these! But then he'll have a horrible night of sleep or something, and I'll think to myself "I can totally put off having more for a while..."
I love decision making!

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