Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tired Mama

Having a kid is all about highs and lows. Low point: Monday morning, 1 am. Warren has been awake screaming bloody murder for the last 4 hours. Both parents are ready to leave him outside for good.

High Point: Cory woke up Monday morning (at a normal, decent hour) to find Warren had gotten himself up, done a few walk-throughs of the house, then settled down to quietly read a book outside Cory's bedroom, waiting politely for Cory to get up. If only he could make a couple of eggs and coffee, we wouldn't really be necessary any more.

Low point: Sleeping like complete shit because your kid keeps kicking you in the face and just can't settle down to SLEEP.

High Point: The kid wakes up so damn happy and smiley, and giving you hugs that you melt and can't be angry at him.

Babies know when you are ready to sell them on E-Bay. That's usually when they pull something out of the cute arsenal. Warren had to learn a new trick recently to keep from being thrown in the trash.
He's started doing a weird little shuffle, sidestepping thing that almost looks like the electric slide. We're now calling him Warren 2.0: all the charm of original Warren, but with added mobility.

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Hound Doggy said...

heh....Warren 2.0.....tee tee heee,
I LOVE that!

I really don't like kids....but I love the virtual Warren. He sounds awesome.