Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Recap, to beat the band

Ok, we'll do this chronologically, since I'm too lazy to put any narrative arc in here. I ended up leaving work around noon on Friday. I'm SO glad I did, as I only received ONE email for the rest of the day, and it had nothing to do with me. Nothing was missed at all. Instead of working, I went to the gym and had a nice long workout. I couldn't manage to get any kind of a sweat going though, and that was weird. Must have been dehydrated or something.
I opted not to pick Warren up from daycare, and made brownies for my friend who's in the hospital. (Yes, I brought brownies to a diabetic, that makes me an asshole. But whatever, it's what she wanted). We had tacos and guacamole for dinner, and it was decidedly awesome. I've come to the conclusion that guacamole is the perfect food. I'm pretty sure I could eat it every single day and never become bored of it. *sigh*

Warren let me sleep in on Saturday, so by the time I got up, I had to rush to clean the house and get him bathed and make it to Walnut Creek to meet Jen and her man-friend so we could all go visit my friend in the hospital. (Whose name is also Jen. Of Course it is.) She looked so much better than she has for months. She's eating pretty regularly, and putting some much needed weight back on. She got to hold Warren until he started fussing at the strangers.
The funny part was, Jen's man-friend was able to hold Warren for a really long time, and Warren never fussed! He's a guys guy apparently. It was pretty sweet.

We got home from the hospital in time to finish cleaning the house, then get dressed for a wedding. I discovered that the dress I was so pleased with the weekend before, was a size too big, which wasn't so bad, except the neckline was SO low that the extra size made it obscene. Especially when you've got breastfeeding boobs sticking way out on your chest. But the wedding was fun, I drank a ton of champagne and felt excellent the next day. Which is a big step for me since I've been getting nasty headaches no matter how little I drink.

I spent a few hours on Sunday beating my garden into submission. I hadn't been able to do any gardening last year since pregnant ladies and pesticides/cat shit don't mix well. I think one more day of work and it'll be pretty usable again. I'm so looking forward to having my own herbs and veggies to use again. I really hate buying fresh herbs, since they always go bad before I can use them all.

Xtian took Warren off my hands for a bit on Monday so I could lay in bed and read for a few hours, completely uninterrupted! I haven't done that since before Warren was born, and it was...Awesome. Just fantastic. I could go for some more of that. In fact, I only got out of bed because it was time to start making dinner.

And now it's back to the grind. I'm trying to occupy my mind with work and not on Warren's doctor's appointments next week. How does one do a CT Scan on a five month old? How do you get them to hold still long enough? But my mom and sister are coming down for the appointment to offer some support. Which is good, I need more people in the room to hear what the doctor's say. Since I tend to hear one scary thing, fixate, and miss everything else. At least we'll finally know what the plan is...I hope.
I've been holding off making any plans for the rest of the year since I have no idea what will be going on. If he needs surgery, and recovery time, when things will happen...I hate being absolutely clueless.
But, my gut feeling is, he's going to need the surgery. His head is just looking less and less normal as time goes on. And yes, I'm being hyper aware, but that doesn't mean the problems aren't there.

You know, I'm pretty into doing research, and reading every baby related piece of information that comes my way. I've researched all the common and not so common things that go on with babies. And I've never heard of craniosynostosis before. But now, everything I've found on it mentions that it's fairly common. Like 1/2000 kids. If it's really that common, WHY HAVE I NEVER HEARD OF IT? Is this one of those things that parents just don't talk about? Fuck, people, get the personal experiences out, already!

Ok, superlong, boring ass update...complete. Maybe some fun stuff another time. I'm exhausted.


jen said...

yes, i think it is way weird you hadn't heard of it before if it is so common. yah i have no idea how they get them to hold still for a cat scan. i am so glad your momma and kat will be there. will xtain be there too? i'd assume so.


Coley said...

Yeah, Xtian will be there as well, by virtue of the appointment being on a Monday. Man, I just want that thing to be DONE!

Faith said...

I can't say anything else but that I'm sending all my good noggin vibes your way all week! ::vibes::

I hope everything goes well...