Thursday, May 29, 2008

No cohesive thoughts here.

There must be something in the water, every time I have left the house for the last few days, a dimwitted driver has tried to kill me. Either by changing lanes directly at my car (dude, I can make eye contact with you, you should probably be able to see that my car is already in this lane), or by slamming their brakes so hard, I barely have enough time to react and change lanes to get around them (and, no I was not tailgating). I think we're all becoming worse drivers. This is exactly the reason we should have a behind-the-wheel driver's test at least every two years. At least remind folks of what good driving looks like. Sheesh.

The asshattery abounds is what I'm saying.

Oh, so a few gossipy notes about the wedding I attended last weekend. The Snitch was there, complete with booze breath (like a barroom floor), and a boyfriend who looks like an Italian mafia guy, with a white man's afro, and teeth so bad it looks like someone threw them into his mouth. Just awful.
It's always kind of fun watching coworkers, especially upper management types, drink far too much, then making their dates squirm by asking them pointed questions. Personally, I tend to get tipsy and start telling people about Steak and BJ Day. (If you don't know what or when it is, google it. Seriously).
But that's about it from the wedding. I think there was more to it, but this lady drank a ton of champagne, and it's been a few days, so the hilarity has faded.

In other news, Operation: De-Fatten my Ass is going pretty well. I've not been too obsessive about calorie counting (at least on the weekends), and I've been losing at a steady pace. In fact, I actually was able to zip up a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans. Granted, I had a muffin top you wouldn't believe, but that was mostly from the loose belly skin issue.
Ladies who've had babies, when does the loose skin go away? It's been forever, and it's still mostly all there, just emptier. Oh, god. Is this how people end up with stomachs that look like basset hounds' faces? If you have a C-Section, why can't they just cut out some of the fat and loose skin at the same time? Hell, I'll pay extra for that! This is a service hospitals should be providing. I'm going to petition my doctor.

Ok, that's it for random shit for the day. Happy Thursday y'all. We're just shy of magnificence.

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