Tuesday, April 8, 2008


While getting ready to leave this morning, I realized that Xtian took my breakfast and lunch, leaving me his sad little yogurt and cheerios. Instead of my delightful fruit w/ oatmeal, chicken and corn chowder and home made granola bar. Not exactly an even exchange. Butthole.

So, instead of my glorious spicy chowder, I had to scramble at the last minute and ended up with... Ramen. Unpleasant.

Today at work, someone tried to find fault with me by claiming they'd never heard that a product's name had changed. As though I'd just made up the name change on the spot, for funsies. When I pointed out that the name had been displayed as such on our website for OVER A YEAR, at least he had the good grace to say "huh. You'd think I'd be more in the loop." Asswad.

The payroll person at my office screwed up my paycheck when I returned from Maternity leave. Even after I brought up to her how it should be done, she disagreed, then did it wrong, and just now caught her error. So, instead of my normal paycheck next week, I'll be getting $800 less. Well done. Well done.

A lady in my office has made a complaint against my boss. This will be her second complaint about him. The first was, and I'm going to quote verbatim here, "He stood too close to me once." Which is weird, right? He didn't say or do anything, she just felt he stood too near her in the lunch room one day. The current complaint, "I don't like being in the building with him in the morning." Yeah. That's pretty freakin' weird, considering he doesn't talk to her, and hasn't been in the same room as her since she made the first insane complaint. The most ridiculous thing? No one in HR, not our Vice President, no one asked her, "Are you fucking insane?" Because you can't complain about being in the building with a person who also works in the building unless you are mentally disturbed. I'm going to start complaining that I don't like to be in the bathroom at the same time as anyone else. Based on the way this little situation is playing out, will EVERYONE ELSE get chewed out for using the ladies' room? I wonder.

My office is weird. And if I don't record it all, I'm going to eventually forget how bizarre it is. Especially when I find new job and have all new things to complain about. This is my record of how utterly retarded my place of employment is.

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