Thursday, April 10, 2008


After reading Mighty Girl's list of 100 things to do before she dies, I started thinking about how I'm approaching my life. There are things I want to do, but I never really commit to the idea. I tell myself that those things would be nice, but I keep some distance as though I'm protecting myself from disappointment. And you know what? I bet that keeps me from actually doing a lot of things. I'm talking myself out of them before I have a chance to fail. That's healthy.

So, in continuing my personal growth, I'm starting a list of goals/things to do before I die right here. I'm not putting limits on them, I'm not separating out long-term from short-term; it's just going to be a jumble. So, yeah. Oh and let's get all involved and have other folks chime in via comments. That would be fun, and would probably remind me of some things I've forgotten.

So far...
1. Build (and keep) a decent savings, minimum 6 months worth of expenses
2. Get a new job
3. Move my family to Sacramento
3. Buy a home
4. Earn enough money to be a single-income family
5. Eliminate all debt
6. Double the amount of money allocated for charitable giving
7. Help people I know like others have helped me
8. Take a real vacation (not visiting family)
9. Grow every vegetable that I eat, at least once
10. Learn to use my sewing machine...well
11. Throw an annual party, that isn't for a birthday
12. Decorate my living space as though I care about it
13. Give Warren siblings
14. Send my kid(s) to college, anywhere they want to go, without loans
15. Make out with my husband at least once a day
16. Do something that I don't think is possible
17. Set foot in all 50 states
18. Start and finish Warren's baby book
19. Get something I write published (not counting anything online or from my job)

That's as far as I've gotten so far. Now, I really do want to see everyone else's, because I need more ideas. I actually had some fun doing this.

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