Thursday, March 27, 2008

A few annoyances.

Thought I'd provide an update on the whole "house on fire/insurance screwing us into the ground" thing. So, our landlords are awesome, and basically worked out a deal with us. Xtian fixes the damage and buys the material, and the problem goes away. But, the insurance company has decided to throw a collection agency at us. Hurray. So a few phone calls later and I fear I may have just thrown my landlords under the bus. Since they got a check from the insurance company, but we've made repairs, the collection agency just informed me that, "Collecting twice on an insurance claim is illegal. Can I have that information again?" Whoops! I had a hard time explaining "it's not like that! Umm, hold on, let me check on some information and we'll be back in touch." Man, do I hope I didn't just get my landlords arrested for insurance fraud after they've been so cool.
Of course on the other hand, since we just emptied our savings account paying for materials and a contractor, and Xtian has spent every second of free time working his ass off, I really don't want to shell out $7,000 for repairs that WE ALREADY PAID FOR! Nor am I thrilled that a collection agency is involved since all it can do is fuck up my credit. Gah.

But, anyhow, the repairs are almost done. All that's left are a few layers of paint and I get my husband back! Hurray! I've missed the guy.

Meanwhile, the clowns at my work have succeeded in getting our schedules changed. For now it's only half an hours difference, which isn't that bad, I suppose. But, because it's all later in the day, it adds about 15 minutes each way to my commute, robbing me of another 30 minutes with my kid. You know, it's bad enough that I only get 4 waking hours with Warren, with moving my workday back, that takes another 30 minutes away, and the extra commute takes another 30 minutes. Giving me a grand total of 3 hours a day with my sweet baby. It makes me want to shake the shit out of everyone I work for. I'm really hoping my VP will tell us who these complainers are so I can sit down with them and ask, "How is my schedule your business? How do my work hours affect your ability to do your job? How does keeping me from my family help you in any way?" GOD!

This is the first time I've really started getting upset about the lack of time I get with Warren. It doesn't help that he's in this really great smiling phase. He spends all his time smiling and giggling at me, making awesome sounds and just generally being a delight. He has a hard time making himself eat these days, because he'd rather be smiling at me and singing. And these petty fuckers are so bored in their own lives they just gotta fuck with mine.

Lest you think I'm overreacting, allow me to list some other things people have complained about regarding me or someone in my department:
  • a car being parked in a different spot
  • a car being backed into a parking space
  • not wearing jeans on "casual day"
  • washing out pump supplies in the kitchen
  • an office door being closed
  • an office's lights being a little dimmed
  • not wearing socks with loafers
  • not putting a phone on the Do Not Disturb setting
  • emailing a group email list rather than each member of the list explicitly
  • referring to a coworker by their initials (and no, those initials aren't anything awkward like BM)

That's just what's happened since I returned from maternity leave, 4 weeks ago. Does this happen other places? Are people everywhere this insane? I mean, I've worked for a cocaine addicted, bi polar asshole, and I've gotta tell you, this is worse. At least with the asshole, you knew who the enemy was. Here, it's everyone, even people you wouldn't suspect.

In other news, I get to see my brother this weekend. Hurray! Also: holy shit my baby brother is turning 22 years old. *sigh* Dude, all my siblings are adults. When did this happen?

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