Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gripe, Gripe.

You know what's awesome? Getting up at 4:30 in the morning, walking into the kitchen only to find that the freezer was left partially open all night. Fantastic.
I mean, having an inch thick layer of freezer burn on EVERYTHING, including a three-week supply of breastmilk, is just...awesome. My favorite thing. I suppose it's my own fault for shopping like a mormon (meaning: buys everything at Costco because you're always prepared to feed 25 people, therefore have approximately 42 pounds of various meats living up in the freezer)and not insisting I be the one to arrange the freezer. The boys mean well, but sometimes Freezer Tetris is just not their game.

You want to know what's awkward? Having lunch with my work friend, Eric, Eric's baby mama, and their kid CJ. Well, the lunch itself was fine. But during their pregnancy, Eric and his baby-mama (how do you write that, by the way?) had some...disagreements as to the paternity of the kid. The kid looks just like Eric, and the paternity test came back with those same results. Fine.
So, at lunch, they just kept talking about it! The test itself and the previous Unknown status was brought up at least 10 times. Really, really awkward. After lunch, I turned to Xtian and said,"You know, that conversation right there is EXACTLY why I'm glad we got married THEN had a kid. SHeesh!"

Dude, folks at my work need to get a grip. My entire department (all three of us) have determined that our schedule is from 7 am - 3 pm. It makes an otherwise heinous commute actually tolerable, and allows me to spend some daylight hours with my family. It works for us, work gets done the end. We've had this schedule for over a year. And yet, people keep complaining to our VP about what time we leave. No one seems to be concerned about what time we come in. But I guess that's not their concern. So, instead of backing us up, VP is trying to make us change our schedules.
Look, it's bad enough that she wouldn't work with me on a flexible/family friendly work week, and did everything in her power to reduce the amount of maternity leave I actually got. Does she have to keep picking away at what little time I have to spend with my family?

My work has made all kinds of claims about being "a family friendly employer." But I've yet to see ONE actual policy that backs up that claim. Flexible work schedules? Well, yes, until someone whines about it then we take them away. Working from home? Nope. Creative solutions for job-sharing/maternity leave timing? No. Onsite or even geographically close daycare? No.
As far as I can find, there isn't a single aspect of this place that could be termed "Family friendly." Fucking bullshit.

You guys? This is so weak. How pathetic and petty do you have to be to complain about someone else's work schedule? I mean, I knew that my coworkers weren't always the sharpest of folks, or the nicest of folks. But this is getting utterly ridiculous. Oh yeah, and they pay at least 10K under market value. Glorious.

But did I mention that Warren is adorable? Because he is. More pictures as soon as I can get my ass in front of the computer at home. Kisses!

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