Monday, March 31, 2008

Convoluted, a tad.

So this weekend had a few rough spots. First, after talking to the insurance company, Xtian informed me that they'd be collecting the $2,500 deductible from us. Great.

Then, we found out on Friday afternoon that my brother wouldn't be able to leave rehab for his birthday. Someone was caught stealing, so the whole place goes on lockdown. During lockdown, the residents aren't allowed to leave, send or receive letters, make phone calls nothing.They made an exception by letting Chris call the family to tell them not to come. Poor kid had to spend his 22nd birthday without getting any cards, hearing anyone sing to him, or seeing his loved ones. And since I don't do religion, I DO BIRTHDAYS, this broke my heart for him.

Finally, while finally finishing our taxes, I discovered, not only are we getting NOTHING back, but we owe California $700. Hurray.

The last 3 months have been absolutely, unbelievably difficult. But they've also been pretty amazing. Between the utter financial ruin we are facing, and the tough emotional and family stuff, I didn't think I'd make it out alive. On the plus side, we've got a wonderful little baby, a pretty cool developing relationship with my brother in law, and I was on the receiving end of some pretty incredible generosity and we're still reaping the benefits of it all.
So, after initially freaking out when all the shit hit the fan on Friday (I will admit to smoking a big fat cigarette) Xtian and I talked and decided that we'd get through it. It would be tough, but we could do it.

So, I was feeling pretty even keel this morning. The more than three thousand dollars we now owe weighs pretty heavily, but I'm getting pretty good at putting it into perspective.

And then Xtian called. He just talked to the insurance company, trying to work out a payment plan. Except, after reviewing the facts, they've decided NOT TO CHARGE US A GODDAMN DIME! The landlords will sign their check over to us, we return it to the insurance company and it's over! I still can't believe it. So, in one phone call, we went from "Holy fuck, I'm going to have to start turning tricks" to "Shit, only $700in taxes? Who's worried? NOT THIS GUY!" We'll be able to start putting money back into savings by the end of next month, so we can have a nice cushion when we eventually move.

So, at the beginning of this weekend thought we owed $3,200 and wouldn't be able to see my brother for his birthday. Monday morning: only out $700 and will get to see Chris this weekend. This is what we call RELIEF! And just when I was thinking, Can't a bitch get a break here?

And I'm officially writing a goal here. If I write it, it has to happen, right? I will have found a new job, and we will move before Warren's first birthday. It's going to happen, because I will make it happen. And now I've told you all, so kick my ass about it, would you?

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