Monday, March 3, 2008

Back to the grind

First day back at work. Not too bad. Xtian has Mondays and Wednesdays off work, so Warren spent today with daddy. Tomorrow we start daycare. I know, it's a necessity, and we're lucky to have found such a great care provider. But either way, it sucks. If he has a great day, I'll feel miserable. If he has a bad day, I'll feel miserable. There is no winning this situation.

The thing is, I'm glad to be back at work, now that I'm here. I've missed feeling productive, and the built in socializing that comes with an office job. I suck at being a housewife. I'm so starved for adult conversation by the end of the day, it's actually painful. I love hanging out with Warren, and snuggling his biscuit-y goodness. Ideally, I'd bring him to work with me. He could just hang out in my office. What? How could that possibly go wrong? He's a good baby, he naps well. He's a smiley laughing kind of kid, who isn't much of a crier anymore. It'd be great. Damn company policies!

Ok, time to rush home and snuggle my boys. More to report on the pleasantness that is pumping at the office.

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