Tuesday, March 4, 2008

No, I didn't cry. Much.

Folks with kiddos who've done daycare, I have a question. Does it rip your heart out more when the kids cry at drop-off, or when they don't?

Warren was a perfect angel at our first daycare drop off. Of course, he's little so the dots don't really connect for him. But it did warm my heart when I called to check in and the daycare lady said, "He is just the happiest baby! And do you sit around and kiss his cheeks all day? Because they are just so kissable!" And, yes. I do sit around and kiss his cheeks all day because he is the cutest little thing in the world. And I say that without any bias at all. Nope. None.

So, it's unbelievably weird sitting topless in my office, being milked. I know, that sounds gross, but it's really the only way to describe it. My office has no windows to the outside, but it does have a floor to ceiling window that faces into a busy hallway. Like an ass, I put off finding a comfortable pumping solution until it was an emergency situation. So, I improvised and taped some old ad posters to the window in order to get a little privacy. Classy, no? I can't wait until someone goes to HR to complain that sometimes, my door is locked. And the stuff on the windows is a little weird. (Much like all the times people complained to HR that my office lights were dim. Seriously. Clearly, these people don't have enough work to do if they are concerned that I dim my lights when suffering from migraines.) It's rather telling that even though every office has a lock on the door, not one person has a key to their own office.

And I wanted to share with you all the cutest shoes I've ever owned:
Seriously, can you believe I've reached the ripe old age of 26 without ever having owned a pair of red shoes? Clearly, I'm an idiot. But Faith's always fabulous footwear inspired me. Also, did you know that no matter how awkward you think your legs are, they look hot in heels? Because they do. Happy Tuesday ya'll. And get used to the more frequent posting. I'm back on the job, with crap to bitch and moan about. Woohoo!

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