Friday, November 9, 2007

Whatever and ever.

So, here we are. It’s Friday. About freakin’ time, is all I have to say about it. Since Monday is a holiday at my work, all of the coworkers I like have taken today off. I knew today was going to be boring, but wasn’t aware that my first order of business when arriving would be to BECOME COMPLETELY INFURIATED!

I can’t go into too many details, but there’s an issue with an employee I supervise, who is bored, agitated, and half of his job responsibilities have gone away. He’s not able to do other kinds of work, so after weeks/months of finding tasks to take up his time, we’d determined that updating his job description was in order. This did include a 5-hour/week change in his scheduled hours. Still, we were within all legal/contractual bounds.

A meeting was scheduled to finalize this and some other issues. And I walked in this morning to an email from my VP completely reneging on every change we’d agreed to. I mean, I knew she didn’t have a spine, and frankly, I was surprised at how far this was allowed to go. But, it’s still irritating to have her turn tail and run.

So, it’s official, every single time I’ve attempted to make a change to any aspect of this organization (from a letterhead design, to attempting a cooperative maternity leave plan) I’ve been shut down. Complete fucking waste of energy. So, I’m out. I no longer will try. I will fill my chair like a good houseplant, and do only the bare minimum expected from me. God, I love feeling absolutely useless!

In other news, this weekend is the baby shower! I’m so looking forward to my home being overrun with family and friends, giggling and being silly like we do. Then Xtian’s heading out of town, and my mama will be staying with me. Hurray for Mama Time!

My big girl kitty is a mess these days, so I finally made a vet appointment for her. She has nasty skin sores that I thought were just from overgrooming. Then I thought they were a reaction to something. But, they are getting worse, and she’s getting anti-social and hiding under the bed for most of the days. So, clearly, after making the appointment, I had to get myself all worked up convinced that the vet was going to put my kitty to sleep. Or, even worse, tell me that the treatment to fix her is going to cost $5,000 or we could just put her down, and leave me with that decision. Which would probably kill me.
She’s not that old, she’s only 5! Wah!

But then this morning, I’m back to “it’s nothing, and the vet is going to tell me she’s just a neurotic nutbag.” Who the hell knows?

Right, time to heat up my bagel and avoid my coworkers!

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