Monday, November 5, 2007

Grumbling Makes the Day Fly By

Still alive. For now. I’m on a record Day Eight of the Migraine that Never Ends! Luckily, I have narcotics. Not so luckily, they make me feel pretty high, so I really shouldn’t be driving or anything while on them. And I’m also almost out. This presents a problem. Can this shit just STOP?

In other news, I’m currently carrying a monstrously large child. We’re measuring a full 2-4 weeks ahead of schedule, leading me to hope this kid will indeed make a nice early appearance. And since, by my calculations, we’re in week 36, I’m ready for this kid….today. Although, ideally we can wait until after this weekend’s baby shower. You know, since I have no clothing for this kid yet. I hear babies wearing nothing but diapers for the first year of life are highly frowned upon. Not sure why, I figure it just makes nibbling on chubby baby appendages easier. Mmmm, chubby baby toes!

I saw my pregnant aunt over the weekend, and can I just say, thank the lord I feel as good as I do. She gained a ton of weight and is now so bloated and uncomfortable she has trouble walking around. At least I can still touch my toes, for now. She’s about 4 weeks ahead of me, but she’s been off work for over a month already, since she’s been so uncomfortable. That poor lady. I’m so glad that I’ve apparently inherited my mother’s pregnancy genetics.

All I’m doing for the next two and half weeks at work is prepping my boss to do all my normal tasks. He’s not thrilled about learning how to do these things. Oh, and did I mention that I had my meeting with my VP about my maternity leave? Because I did. And just as I expected, I got a big FUCK YOU from them. So, I get only the twelve weeks required by law, with no options in working from home when I return. Thanks guys! That’s awesome!

I no longer feel any guilt at all for job-hunting while on leave. Ideally, I’ll never have to show up here again. Wouldn’t that be heavenly?

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