Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Weekend recap, only a few days after the fact.

So, let’s see…my aunt had her baby on Saturday. She called me at 10 am to let me know that she was sorry, but she wouldn’t be able to make it to the baby shower, as she’d just been admitted to the hospital. Gee, you think? So, I squealed, told her to get that baby born already and to have her husband keep us all posted. It’s a boy, he’s very cute and I already tried to steal him as my “practice baby.” No dice.

The baby shower was just delightful. The house was stuffed to the gills with people and food, which is my favorite way to do things. Food was fabulous, I made a massive quantity of guacamole, there were many nibbly Mexican food things, a DELICIOUS salad and a tasty ice cream cake. Jen took some wonderful pictures of everyone, which if she feels like sharing, I’ll let her post the link in a comment.
Everyone was amazingly generous and we now have more baby stuff than I can wrap my brain around. Then I got to spend the rest of the weekend hanging out with my mama. Now, if only every weekend could be so nice.

Of course Xtian’s friends proved, once again, that they suck. After telling Xtian that they’d be carpooling and caravaning down for the party, they called Friday night to offer half-assed excuses as to why they wouldn’t make it. (For further evidence see: the complete lack of a bachelor party for Xtian when we got married, and the threat of not coming to our wedding since it was inconveniently dated what with their “Community theater” obligations. Fucking asswads.) I don’t know why I ever expect them to show any amount of concern or caring for Xtian, but I do know that it hurts Xtian every time, and it makes me want to choke them all.

But in spite of his friends’ being fucktards, Xtian had a nice time mingling with my family and friends. I just wish SOMEONE from Xtian’s life would be supportive of him. I feel badly that he’s always surrounded by my folks, and is left hanging by his own. He’s just too wonderful and deserves better than he gets.

OH! And while we’re on the topic of people hurting and letting Xtian down, let’s add another installment of Xtian’s Batshit Insane Mother Does Weird Stuff!

I got home from work on Friday and found one envelope addressed to Xtian, our unborn kid and me. A large manila envelope was addressed solely to Xtian. Both had a return address from a law office in Beverly Hills. One look and I knew they were from my MIL. (Remember the last we heard from her was a three-page letter telling Xtian what a disappointment of a son he was and urging him to break up with me. Complete silence since then).

Now, I had decided previously to return all mail and packages to her unopened, as I’d like to discourage her from contacting us at all. But, it was from a law office, and part of me hoped she was disowning us, legally. And I’m not the least bit ashamed to say that the thought warmed my soul. So, I thought we should probably open them.

Xtian asked that I wait for him to come home before I opened them and so I did. And I’ll be damned if after all that buildup, it was standard MIL material. The first envelope (addressed to Xtian, myself, and an unborn fetus) contained about 30 pages of photocopied text, most of it a bio for the lawyer that she apparently now works for (although, that's just an assumption. No explanation was actually included). The other envelope contained a press kit for the same lawyer. And one handwritten note telling Xtian that there was no need to make arrangements for Xtian’s brother to come and visit, as, and here I will directly quote, “our van will be arriving soon and we’ll both come for a visit.”


So, apparently she got word that Xtian’s been talking to his brother about school schedules so that the brother can come meet his new niece or nephew on a school break. Apparently MIL forgot that she hereby decreed that Xtian would not be able to see his brother until Xtian got rid of the “negative influence” in his life. (That would be me.)

Now, I don’t actually think she’ll ever make it up to visit as it took a lot of financial assistance and negotiation to get her up for her son’s wedding, and this time, no one’s offering anything of the sort.

But part of me almost wants her to just so I can have the petty satisfaction of telling her she’s not welcomed in my home, and that the police will be called if she doesn’t remove herself from the premises before slamming the door in her face.
That, or beating her over the head with a crow bar until I’m no longer angry. You know, whatever strikes my fancy at the moment.

Now I regret opening the damned mail in the first place and should have just stuck with my plan to return everything to her unopened. Damn my morbid curiosity!

So, yeah. That’s where it all stands now. Good weekend, love my mama, hate Xtian’s friends, MIL: Still fucking nuts. Huzzah.

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