Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Oh man, this is going to be rough.

So the salmon cakes were, meh. Xtian ate them with much relish, but he'll pretty much eat anything I slap on a plate and call "Dinner." I think next time I'll make them about half the size, since the best part was the outside where it got all delightfully browned. Trial and error I suppose.

Speaking (or is it writing?) of trial and error, my first attempt at a daily routine is not off to a fantastic start. As per the plan, I got up at the normal 4 am, (same time Xtian gets up for work) and went to the gym. I got home around 6, took a shower, and climbed back into bed for a little nap. I woke up at 11 am. So, not so much of a nap, more like an entire night of sleep. But here we are. Did some phone calling, and now it's lunchtime. I've planned an errand to run for later, just to get out of the house when people are actually awake. Starting slow, just buying some stamps. Wouldn't want to overdo it, now, would I?

You know, come to think of it, I haven't purchased stamps in... probably 6 years. Sheesh. How does one avoid such a basic life necessity. Do I just go to the post office? I guess... Man, Xtian is way better at these errands than I am. This is why I can never be a full time at home person. The less actual "Stuff" I have to do, the less I get done. Without a job to get my ass out of the house everyday, I'm fairly certain I'd rarely leave the couch or bed. Too many good books to read and movies to watch.

Ok, Turkey Tetrazzini is the planned food for tonight. Gotta use those leftovers! I'll let you know if it's any good.

Holy crap, I'm so bored with what I just wrote, you must be dying of boredom to actually read it. Work with me, I'm trying to keep posting a daily habit so it'll continue. It does mean that you'll probably be wading through some pretty awful stuff around here. I'd apologize, but clearly, I don't feel badly enough to NOT post it. So, yeah. There it is.

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