Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Is there anything better than waking up to a pile of snuggly kitties?

So, the daily schedule is off to a much more promising start. Same deal, up before the drunks have gone to bed, hit the gym, shower, and back in bed. Xtian only works a half day on Wednesdays, so I got up when he got home at 9:30. Breakfast has been had, hot cocoa is on the way and soon we'll both go to the Mall for some preliminary Xmas shopping.

Tomorrow, I think I'll attempt some baking. I've got a kickass recipe for Ginger Spice cookies (like gingersnaps, except chewy and moist), and I'm feeling pretty Donna Reed these days. Perhaps I should invest in some high heels and pearls for housecleaning?

Oh and in answer to JP, the Turkey Tetrazzini was AWESOME. But, I don't like mushrooms, so instead I cooked up a couple of slice onions in butter, made the cream sauce and threw the pasta, turkey and sweet peas in before baking. Oh, and not to forget the cheese. SO much CHEESE! I'm so hitting those leftovers ( I know, leftovers of the leftovers, we're getting ridiculous around here) for lunch. Xtian liked it so much, he took a serving of it for breakfast, and ate it on his break at work. To quote him directly, "I sat in the truck at work eating it and shouting 'GODDAMN THIS IS GOOD!'"
Have I mentioned that I love that man?

Oh, and in completely happy and relief-inducing news, my big girl kitty is actually frisky! She'd been so out of sorts and mopey and mean for so long, I'd thought she was just getting old and crotchety. Turns out, she was sick and feeling miserable. So, two weeks of antibiotics and she's running around the house stirring shit up with the other cats. I was so worried that we'd have to put her down if this course of meds didn't work. (As the doctor said, if this isn't it, it's probably cancer eating away at her skin. And if it were cancer, we'd have had to put her down.) But, it is working and she's back to the sweet cuddly, feisty cat I've always known her to be. *Sigh*

I was so annoyed at having to go buy stamps, and yes they were for thank you notes, Faith. Nice guess. Actually, I don't mind writing Thank yous. I really hate addressing envelopes and stamping things. Isn't that strange? Well, anyhow. I was particularly annoyed because I was only two stamps short. And that's a bitch. So, yeah, a drive downtown, parking in Chinatown, and the whole thing took me 4 minutes. Threw a couple bucks in a machine and viola! Stamps.

Ooh, better figure out what I'm making for dinner tonight. Only 7 hours until I plan to eat it, so clearly now is the time to start working on it.

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