Monday, November 26, 2007

Naptime Already?

It becomes very apparent that I need a routine. Of some kind. So far, it's been all weekend all the time around here. Since Xtian has a weird work schedule, all my time off so far, he's been home. Which is delightful, as we rarely get more than a day together. But tomorrow he's at work, and the reality of maternity leave without the baby will come to fruition.

On the positive, I've maintained my workout schedule (mostly, give me a break, chest colds are a bitch, and coughing my way through the gym tends to make others uncomfortable), managed to shower every day, and the amount of time I spend cooking has doubled. That's kind of nice. On Sunday, I made Thanksgiving, part two. While I love my family, and enjoy the food presented at my aunt's gathering, it's not how I'd do things. There are a few food items without which IT IS NOT THANKSGIVING. And even though my aunt's broccoli and cheese dish is tasty, it does not take the place of green bean casserole.

So, I bought a little turkey, and made my green beans, my stuffing, my gravy and mashed potatoes and put together a veritable feast. It was delightful. Had I been thinking, I'd have taken a picture of my beautiful herb stuffed turkey, roasted to perfection. But, I was too involved with eating it. And surprisingly, even though it was just me and Xtian eating it, there really isn't that much food leftover. (Did I mention Mocha Cub is steadily dropping, leaving me with MORE stomach space than I've had in months? And that this means I can double my portion size? Coley = happy.)

On the menu for this evening: Salmon cakes and baby greens. Warning, this blog here just may be sliding into "food blog" territory. But again, since it's all about me, and my world has just shrunk a great deal, the content here is about to shrink as well. So, yeah. I'm depending on you all to provide me with a link to the rest of the normal adult world.

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