Friday, March 2, 2007

GAH! The Second.

So, since I can hear everything that happens in my office, I’m listening to our soon-departing HR part timer. She’s on the phone with someone she’s scheduling an interview with, complaining loudly about her eighth grade son’s homework load.
“Well, it’s ridiculous. Boys should be outside playing basketball, running around. Not sitting around doing busywork. And schools are totally geared toward girls anyway.” Umm, seriously?

First things first, how sad that you must not have anyone to talk to. If you did, you probably wouldn’t be giving your family history and educational philosophy to a complete and utter stranger who is only looking for a job.

And, beyond that, we have the stupidest children ever coming out of schools, with absolutely no ability to sit still and pay attention. I feel like letting Sarah, (who teaches middle school) just rip this woman’s face off. And, since WHEN are schools stilted toward girls? You know, I only studied the Psychology and Sociology of gender for 3 years, and I’m no expert. But every, single study that comes out shows teachers, administrators and the entire school system is preferential to males. So, seriously, fuck off. Gender BS always pisses me off. I was a rough and tumble kid. While not a boy, of COURSE I would rather have been running around and playing than doing schoolwork. Wouldn’t everyone? Even right now?

And if I may spout some of my own opinion…
I think kids need to be doing MORE homework, spend more hours in school. I think we are doing children a great disservice by not requiring them to sit still and listen. My generation, and exponentially so those coming after, expected to be entertained, at all times. Not that there is anything wrong with being entertained, and yes, more interactive learning is wonderful. But, that has to work with the sitting still and paying attention BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO. A lot of life is sitting still and listening. A lot of life is not tremendously entertaining.

The unfortunate thing is, that it’s teachers, like Sarah, who have to deal with the day-to-day hell that is overindulged children who have been given excuses not to pay attention. They don’t have to listen to Sarah; they don’t have to follow directions. Who’s going to make them? It’s not like they’ll fail. They get to move on to high school anyway, regardless of how little work they’ve done, or how little they actually know. OH MY GOD!!! Stupid, ignorant people are so ridiculous; it makes me rethink my feelings toward forced sterilization. GAH!

Aside from that, rest of the world continues on as before. The grown-up stuff is just weird. Like, seriously, I’ve over here reviewing Life Insurance quotes. Does it get older and more fuddy-duddy than that?

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