Thursday, March 1, 2007

Dude, tons of people make out with their daughters. They’re called “Perverts.”

How many mornings in a row will I walk around with oatmeal on my boobs? How old am I? When will I learn to eat breakfast without spilling it on myself? Good gourd.

Apparently, this is a hard week for relationships. Breakups, fights, etc. Seriously, not cool. Whatever the hell is in the water needs to stop. Now.

Ok, and now, I just spilled a shitton of water down the front of me. I’m not, how you say, “coordinated” today apparently. This is why I should never be trusted with breakables. I will inevitably destroy all nice things. Just look at the way I’ve abused my rack already today, and what’s better than a nicer than a nice rack? Nothing. Jebus, I look like I’ve been drooling. No wonder people think I’m a little off.

My skin has been in full-on FREKOUT, the likes of which haven’t been seen since finals during a 21-credit-taking-full-time-working semester at college. I reached a breaking point yesterday and finally made a decision. Alright, now everyone take a deep breath. You’ll need it. Finally tired of feeling ugly, I went to…Sephora.

I don’t know why I’m so intimidated by these stores. Aveda, MAC, even the damn Clinique counter at department stores have me staring at my shoes and running in the opposite direction. But, damn, they're all full of women who dress well, and do makeup, and have pretty skin and, and, and...

I don’t know what I thought would happen when I walked in. Would they all point and laugh at my non-stylishness? Or just give me a patronizing once-over then deem me beneath even their disdain? Or would it be the dreaded, “Well, clearly you’re here because you are hideous. Maybe, we can do something for you. How much money do you have, precisely?”

After all that buildup, it was ridiculously easy. I walked in, looked for what I wanted, andI even asked a woman for help. Which she provided. Nicely. I feel…well, $75 lighter. But in addition to that, I took yet another step toward conquering my fear of being a “girl.” So, that’s all excellent. See? SEE? Everyone proud of me? I actually bought skincare products not sold for $5 at Target. This shit better make me fucking gorgeous.

Project Co-Habitation is going well. Surprisingly so. When Sarah moved in, I kind of assumed that there would be some tensions, and space issues. But, frankly, there haven’t been. I’m bummed when Sarah leaves for the weekend. And she’s kind of a borderline hermit so Xtian and I get plenty of alone time. She’s around to do the girly gossip and bitching we both do at the end of the day.

So, I’m freaking thrilled she got hired on at her job (she was just subbing at first). It’s neat living with someone who’s a friend first, then a roommate and I’m not sleeping with. It’s a first for me. I don’t know if this would work with any other friends. I think Sarah’s the only person I could be honest with about the little household-type crap that bugs.

Like, I’m a pretty ridiculously fastidious house-cleaner. (What? No! The heck you say!) Sarah tends to be messy. So, clearly there’s bound to be some issues there. But, with Sarah, I don’t have to tiptoe around the problem. I can say, “So, can you put your stuff away?” And on the other hand, she can tell me when I’m just being a little too ridiculous in my need for clean.

I don’t know if you’ve ever lived with women who refuse to just say what’s bothering them. Instead of just saying, “Can you do your dishes, please” you’ll find a post-it note reading, “All Dishes NEED to be WASHED!” I hate that passive-aggressive crap. I lived with it for years. My college roommate couldn’t even tell me she didn’t like a particular food I bought. Instead, there’d be the silent treatment followed three weeks later by a bitchy note.

I much prefer living with Sarah to pretty much any roommate I’ve ever had. Except Xtian, of course. *ahem*
So, yeah, all this is to say, I’m so glad I get to live with one of my very favorite people, and that we’re all getting along so well and having FUN living together. Now, I just have to convince her to stay with me FOREVER!

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