Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tuesday is For Lovers

Ugh. I feel vaguely nauseous. Awesome.

But, other than that things are just delightful. My little sister came down to visit last weekend, and much snuggly girly fun was had by all. I’m always amazed and a little misty over the neat relationship Xtian and my sister share. They are such good buddies, it makes my insides hurt from the cuteness. As Xtian says “I’ve never had a sister, so having a baby sister is fun!” Yeah, again, with the cuteness.

Saturday night we were joined by my brother and his girlfriend, whom we will call Lisa, because that is her name. I’ve met Lisa a few times, and she’s nice enough. Seems a smidge personality-lacking, but whatever. I guess we can’t all be as obnoxiously full of personality as me, right? (Or something…)
But here’s where the annoyance began. I realize they are 20 years old, and being young and in “love” is all well and good. However, I draw the line at under-clothing-groping while in the presence of ANYONE ELSE. I’m not a prude, and I think most PDA is sweet. But, it’s really awkward when your brother and his girlfriend take a shower TOGETHER while other people are home. I could get over their assumption that they would be sleeping in the same bed (I really don’t know how comfortable I am with that, weird.) but the showering and constant PAWING was just beyond the bounds of good taste and manners. I think Sarah said it best, “it sounds like they used your house like a hotel. They just came to have sex.”

So, that’s an awkward conversation that needs to happen. I’d hate to think they would do this at other relatives’ homes. Time for some lessons on being a courteous and polite houseguest.


In another note, I’m trying to at least PLAN ahead for Xmas. I was pondering on what to do for some cousins/aunts etc. I’m partial to the “family gift” when it comes to non-immediate relatives (hell, I’d be poor if I bought/made gifts for everyone). I was lamenting that I have no skills/hobbies that lend themselves to making gifts. I can’t sew really, I don’t knit, can only crochet in the most lenient meaning of the word, not very artistic etc. See, nothing really awesome here.
But then I got to thinking. What I can do, is cook.
So, I’m thinking about putting together meals that can be stored in the freezer, then just popped into the oven when you’re not into cooking, or whatever. Kind of like the Chop-Shop does.
I’m asking the Internet now, is this the dumbest idea ever, or is it as cool as I think it might be? Let’s take a poll. Get honest here, if your cousin/niece gave you a fully ready-to-go meal (which would be delicious) for Xmas, would you think it was a good gift, or would it be a “Wow….that’s….neat? I guess?” scenario?

I ran it by my mom who thought it was kind of cool. And she told me that I’m more of a Mormon woman than anyone would ever believe. And I guess it is a little “Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam,” but I think I’m ok with that.
So, the polls are open, weigh in, my feelings will not be hurt if you think it’s a little stupid.

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