Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Call me crazy but..

So, election shit is mostly done. And I’m again disappointed and ashamed of most Americans’ inability to accept gay people. Just the most disgusting side of humanity. I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it: If you don’t believe in same sex marriage, don’t marry someone of the same sex! Keep your ignorance to yourself. I guess to me, it's just as bad as racism. Even 25 years ago, it was still illegal in many states to marry someone of a different race. I know it's just a matter of time, but meanwhile ...

And, in extra fun, check this action. I’ve lived in Oakland for over 2 years now. I tried to register to vote twice before my registration made it to the proper authority. What are the odds TWO registrations got lost in the mail? Finally, the third one “took” and I was able to vote without issue.
However, Xtian registered, received all his voter information including his designated polling place. However, when he showed up to vote, the poll workers had no record of him. And he wasn’t the only person having the same problem. At this one polling place, there were more than two-dozen people whose registration wasn’t on record.

Now, call me a crazy conspiracy theorist, but let’s look at the demographics here. Oakland is a predominantly African American and left leaning city. Really heavily stacked toward the liberal. Wouldn’t it be just too easy to “lose” registration cards, or just leave people off the records? And, with the electronic voting machines, how easy is it to alter results? Generally, I don’t believe in conspiracy theories. But this is just too much to ignore.

I realize that voting is important and all that. But shit like this just confirms my feeling that our government is trampling on the very system they put into place. To paraphrase Jefferson: All governments need the occasional revolution to keep them honest.
Anyone else feeling like it’s about that time?

But at least California’s prop 85 (basically banning all abortions for women under 18) and South Dakota’s total abortion ban were defeated. So at least young women are still allowed to control their own bodies. For now.

I’ve only voted in 2 presidential elections and two mid-term elections. Every one of them has left a nasty taste in my mouth. Either my own countrymen and women are mostly deplorable, or the entire system is a complete farce.
I can’t decide which one is worse.

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