Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Warren is officially in a big boy bed. A surprisingly painless transition. I'm really ready to move Lennox out of my room, but I'd hesitated to do it too soon after getting Warren out of the crib. I really didn't want Warren to connect losing his crib with Lennox in any way. You know, avoiding that whole "baby took my bed" fit. 

Warren's been in his bed for a few weeks now, so last night as I was tucking him in, I started telling him about how he and Lennox would be sharing a room soon. (We've found that giving Warren a little advanced notice of new things he does a great job of handling potentially stressful situations.) Warren's eyes lit up when he heard that his baby brother would soon be sleeping in the crib. He asked me to put Lennox in there right now. I told him that was fine, so long as he left Lennox alone, and was nice and quiet that we could try it for the night. Lennox was already out cold, so I put him in the crib, turned on the baby monitor and kissed Warren goodnight.

About half an hour later, Xtian and I were downstairs, folding laundry, enjoying a delightful bourbon, when I heard some very quiet chatter over the baby monitor. Xtian peaked in on them only to find Warren had silently sneaked into the crib and was cuddled up with Lennox, telling him god-knows-what stories, and keeping the binky in the baby's mouth. And that is a level of cute you cannot imagine.

Here's why that story warms my soul so much. We've given Warren a lot of praise about being a good brother, and being sweet to the baby. And he's been awesome. But how much of his good behavior remains when no one is around to give him attention for being good with the baby? Well, now we know. Warren is genuinely loving with Lennox regardless of the situation or who is watching.

That little moment last night? That is EXACTLY why I wanted to have another kid. Yes, many days involve terrifying logistical issues, but then your babies make eye contact and positively glow with mutual adoration. And you get a moment that will keep you moving through the revolving door that is your life right now for another day.


Faith said...

You just make me go all warm and fuzzy with your stories, lady. You guys are so awesome. Just wanted to let you know that a total outsider has an opinion of you like that. :D

Jennifer Lucita said...

That is the most adorable thing I have ever heard!! So happy for you and your boys :)

jen breese said...

Yippee! That's a great story. :) I'm so excited to see you guys on the 17th.