Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day.

For this last Father's day weekend, Xtian planned to climb Mt. Shasta again with my dad and my brother. They did not make it to the top this time. My dad went up early on Friday to set up base camp, Xtian and Chris had to work in the morning, so they went up later. Dad mentioned to my mom that he was "feeling a little sick" before he even started out. Now any other man who has suffered a stroke previously might take this as a sign to call it off. But, we're a "tough it out" family, so he carried a 56 pound pack halfway up a mountain.
By the time Chris and Xtian met up with him, my dad was loopy and gray-faced. It was too late to go back down, so they waited until morning, redistributed the packs and hightailed it back to the cars. From all accounts, it sounds like my dad had a heart attack. Of course, being my father, he has not been to a doctor yet. Yes, this does make me angry. No, I'm not going to get started.

So, that made for an awesome Father's Day.

The other portions of the weekend were much more fun, and less dramatic. I owe a sweetie entry for Xtian, but no time for it now.

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